Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Given up

I have been trying to do my actual photography work.... honest.
I can blame Allan if I fail.
"sorry I didnt get my work in on time but my friend likes to send me youtube videos of animals having weird and unusual sex"
I think thats a perfectly good excuse.

Here are some more pictures :D

All three were done on 5x4 cameras, they are possibly one of the most complicated and fustrating things I've ever come across!!! But I love them because of all the levers and dials and how you load the film in with a magazine that makes a big satisfying clunk, if only they didn't cost me £2 a shot :(

All of the photos are for an abstract breif from college, what do you think?

Catch up

A shot I did when I got bored and decided to go play in the still life studio at college. I couldn't think of anything to shoot so I grabbed the nearest thing, which unsuprisingly was a camera... I had a play with the lighting and kinda liked this set up, I havn't touched it with photoshop as I prefer not to nowadays, helps me practice getting it right first time.
A similar shot to the one above but with a different white balance, thought the sepia effect went nicely with the old camera :D

First entry, so I thought I'd show you my little cave.

It's actually ptretty tidy for me, its not the most exciting room in the world but it has everything I need really, well apart from a pool and a burger king but thats probably asking a little too much.
Right next post I'll get some pictures for you to have a look at :D